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Time Exchange

Our fully inclusive community time exchange allows people to give and receive services without exchanging any money. The non-monetary nature of our time exchange redefines and equalizes work. One hour of service provided by a member during an exchange is valued the same, no matter the type of work. When members provide a service for other members, one hour is earned for each hour spent providing the service. Members can then exchange their earned hours for an hour of service from someone else.

Click here to get an idea of what kind of services you can provide and request.

Once you’re an N4 member, and have set up your account and profile during your orientation, you can log in to our Time Exchange by clicking Member Login. If you would like to join the Time Exchange, click the Interest Form.

Time Exchange Essentials

People interested in joining N4 must first complete an Interest Form. You will then meet with an N4 Team Member for an orientation that includes how to set up your online account and how to use the time exchange software (hOurWorld) to access services. Offers and requests posted by members of the N4 community appear on hOurworld, which is accessible through our website or the hOurmobile app. When a member is interested in making an exchange with another member, he or she makes contact through hOurworld to arrange the service exchange – to offer or request services.

Members agree to exchange at the rate of one hour service = one time bank hour.

Either the recipient or provider of services can log the exchange in the hOurworld system using a computer or smart phone. When an exchange is recorded, the other member receives an email as confirmation.

Volunteer Ambassadors Needed

N4 is currently looking for volunteers to coordinate the Time Exchange and its Volunteer Village programs (which is a way for people to volunteer for N4 or other local organizations that help make Northern Nevada a better place).

Both positions are virtual, require a one-year commitment, and include training. Volunteer Ambassadors can make their own schedules (2-5 hours a week), and are responsible for reaching out to new members, assisting with member orientations, connecting people with other members for service exchanges or volunteering, and helping spread the word about the programs.

If you’re interested, please fill out an Interest Form. You can also contact us at People@NeighborNV.org or 775-453-4774 with questions. Thank you!

Serving Washoe, Storey, Carson, Douglas, Lyon, Churchill, Pershing, Humboldt, Lander, Eureka, Elko, and White Pine counties.