Welcome to the N4 Lyft & Uber program! Get to where you need to be more easily and in a more affordable way through our collaboration with Lyft and Uber. If you’re a person with a disability or a person over the age of 60 who cannot access affordable transportation or use public transportation, this program might be for you.

Please note that you’ll pay for your Lyft/Uber rides on either the Concierge or Smartphone page, and all sales are final.

Uber & Lyft Free Rides

Free Ride Vouchers for Elders

Elders 60+ who live in either Reno or Sparks are eligible for $80 in free Lyft or Uber ride credits, with an option to buy an additional $80 in ride credits for $40 (a 50% discount). Free ride vouchers are not eligible for the concierge option. To use the vouchers, rides must either start or stop in Washoe County.

Please fill out an interest form to learn more and schedule your orientation with an N4 team member. Contact 775-453-4774 or People@NeighborNV.org with any questions.

A special thank you to the City of Sparks and City of Reno Senior Citizen Advisory Committee members for their support of senior transportation programs.

Program runs July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2025, or until grant funds are expended.

Our Lyft & Uber program is designed to provide a means for people to access more affordable transportation options by offering 50% discounted Lyft and Uber rides. People with disabilities and elders who cannot access affordable transportation or use public transportation can sign-up to receive up to $80 worth of Lyft or Uber  credits for only $40 per participant each month. An additional dispatching fee is required for the concierge option, and all sales are final.

There are two ways to participate in this program: the personal smartphone option and the concierge option.

Concierge Option

Do you need support scheduling your rides? The Lyft & Uber Concierge option allows members to call the N4 office to schedule rides! Click here to learn more and make a payment for concierge credits!

Personal Smartphone Option

Do you have a smartphone and want to schedule your rides independently? With the Lyft or Uber app, you can get your N4 vouchers sent straight to your smartphone app! Click here to learn more and make a payment for a Lyft or Uber voucher!

Please note that a completed N4 application is required for payments to be processed.