We provide 5 hours of free respite care by trained Community Care Partners a week. These services are designed to give unpaid caregivers a break to support better health and well-being for the primary support person, as well as the person receiving care. Respite services can be provided in the home, or by taking the person into the community.

Some primary support people enjoy quiet time at home during their break; others choose to go out. Primary support people either live with the person needing care or sometimes live nearby. They can be a family member, neighbor or close friend.

Respite care by definition is for the primary support person (primary care partner) to receive a break. We have various grants that allow us to provide this care, so our overall eligibility criteria for people to receive respite care is as follows:

  • Primary support person of someone who is 60+
  • Primary support person of someone with a disability who is 18+
  • Primary support person of someone who is living with dementia (or possible dementia) any age

Respite services improve caregiver health and decrease the risk of the person receiving care needing to move into a residential facility. Respite care keeps families together longer! Our respite services give you the time to do what you need to do, so that you come back refreshed. You both deserve that.