The N4 Transit Planning 4 All (TP4A) project, which ended in 2020, was designed to gather the information needed to help facilitate the development of local inclusive transportation systems in which people with disabilities, older adults, and care partners actively participate in the transportation planning process in both advisory and decision-making capacities. The overarching goal of this project was to advance the local community in Northern Nevada on the Pathway to Inclusion.

The research gathered from this project helped with the development of the N4 Connect app.

Improvements in Program Planning

TP4A Round 2

Round 2 of N4 Transit Planning 4 All has begun!

The second round of our Transit Planning 4 All project aims to continue to increase the community’s rating on the Pathway to Inclusion and maintain the participation of older adults, people with disabilities, and care partners in advisory and decision-making roles. The N4 team will continue to instigate the implementation of programs and designs developed during this project, including the expansion of N4 Connect, and will continue to work with partner organizations to collaborate, share information and programs, and encourage participation in multiple councils, coalitions, and initiatives. N4 TP4A Round 1 catalyzed the beginning stages of the creation of systems in which community transportation planners are not creating solutions based on what they think older adults, people with disabilities, and care partners need, but rather on what the people they serve say they need.

As part of the Round 2 process, we are collecting information about the transportation resources people in Washoe County use or are aware of. Click on the button below to access our ‘Information Highway Transportation Service Form’ and share your knowledge and experiences. N4 will use this information to help update existing transportation resources (e.g. Nevada 211) in order to ensure that everyone has access to current and complete information about local transportation resources!

N4 Transit Planning for All
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TP4A Round 1 Information

Check out the N4 TP4A Round 1 final report to learn more about the information we gathered to help aid in making transportation and transportation planning more inclusive!

Project Framework

Human-centered Design

Human-centered design (HCD) is a way of thinking, as well as a guiding framework for program design, that facilitates the creation of solutions to problems by including the people those solutions are intended for in the problem-solving process. A core component of an HCD project is the inclusion of participants in leadership roles that involve the assessment of needs and current assets, the brainstorming of potential solutions, and feedback at project completion.

The three stages of human-centered design are “Hear,” “Create,” and “Deliver.” The N4 TP4A project was designed as two phases, the “Hear” phase and the “Create” phase. The completion of the first two HCD phases is intended to help guide the development of a future “Deliver” phase.

Timeline and Activities

The goal of the “Hear” phase (Phase 1) was to listen to older adults, people with disabilities, and their care partners about their experiences with transportation and transit planning in Northern Nevada. Activities in Phase 1 included a community convening, participant and peer-to-peer interviews, a community survey, and participation in numerous outreach events.

The “Create” phase (Phase 2) was designed to explore and begin drafting possible solutions for the transportation and transit planning problems collected during Phase 1, and to continue listening to and interacting with the community, especially in terms of their thoughts regarding potential solutions. Activities included a second community convening, a focus group, and continued interviews and surveys.