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The Neighbor Network of Northern Nevada is comprised of four programs:


First: Time Exchange

A Time Exchange is a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency. With time exchange, a person with one skill set can earn and trade hours of work for equal hours of work in another skill set instead of paying or being paid for services. The time exchange tracks credits that neighbors earn in service to other members. Members post needs and wants in order to find projects suited to their strengths. In the time exchange, everyone’s time is equal no matter what the service. Exchanges include, but are not limited to, transportation, household tasks, yard maintenance, errands, tutoring, workshops, pet care, elder care, business services, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

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Second: Volunteering

Transportation volunteers needed. Inquire Here 

The Volunteer Program supplements the time exchange by filling the gaps between requested and available services. Volunteers can help by providing rides, service exchanges, event coordinating, community outreach, marketing, grant writing, translation, administration, or IT assistance. Join N4 for free as a volunteer.

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Third: Information and Referral

There are many untapped resources in Northern Nevada. The Information & Referral network at Nuses an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to gather insight and link people to existing services in the community. Learn more about the ABCD approach (PDF) from the Asset-Based Community Development Institute.

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Fourth: Social Connection

What makes N4 great isn’t that we connect people with more services; it’s N4‘s commitment to leading people to more people. We believe in getting together to share, learn, and to be part of positive community relationships! We meet-up at local restaurants, community events, workshops, potlucks, and more.

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